Using UX Design to drive your conversion rate

Apr 26, 2019

This article was featured in the magazine for the London Affiliate Conference.

If we look at the top ranking affiliate sites, including the ones that have been acquired last year, we can all agree these list of popular sites have strong designers. Even the biggest igaming companies all have their own design teams that include User Experience designers (UX design). This article will feature many tips for finding a quality designer (highlighted in red and bold).

This article is broken down into the following topics

  1. Why, How and WTF?
  2. Sketch
  3. Mobile UX
  4. Typography
  5. Content Marketing & Formatting
  6. Design Trends & Fads
  7. The Rise and Fall of Affiliate Sites
  8. Designs on a Budget
  9. Finding a UX Designer
  10. There is never a bad reason for a new design

1. Why, How and WTF?

My journey over the past 5 years has taken me on a long winding road that started with SEO, but then lead me down the path of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), which then lead me to UX Design. It’s not that I have given up on SEO, but rather I think too many affiliates and operators put too much emphasis on it and end up making sites more for a search engine than they do for a user.

To play devil’s advocate, you don’t need an attractive website for it to be effective. Part of the reason you may see dated sites do well but ‘look ugly’ is because they have quality content, they format their site properly and sometimes that ‘ugly look’ earns the trust of the user. They don’t feel like they are being sold to by professionals to them it just feels organic - as in natural.

It’s a nice luxury to have money to be able to invest in a quality UX designer but to put my foot in my mouth one more time, you don’t need money to be successful or to have a well designed website. If you are an affiliate wanting to break into the industry or grow your site, it is also a myth that you “need money to make money” - other than the fact money can help you accelerate your progress if spent wisely.