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Apr 27, 2019

1. Logos - Your Logo so Ugly!

Now that I’ve insulted your logo and hurt your feelings, let’s talk logos! Logos are probably more important for operators to get right than affiliates. Logos are a component of your branding but they are not meant to be the full extent of your branding. For operators, your logo is the symbol you want players to see continuously and done in a positive light. As a site that is supposed to earn the trust amongst players, it needs to relay a message of safe, secure and fair along with being a place of entertainment. For affiliates, they have more freedom as they can portray the more human element whether it be personal branding or to not hide the fact that the website is run out of a basement by someone who’s passionate about casinos, betting or anything with gambling.

So what makes a good logo?

  • Limited colour palette
  • Vector based
  • Doesn’t command too much attention
  • Readable fonts

There are no doubt exceptions to the rules when it comes to logos but we tend to see more of the best logos following these guidelines.

Limited Colour Palette

A single colour will do perhaps black and sometimes having more than 3 colours can make your logo seem too busy. It helps to have a designer that has a good understanding of colour theory and knows how to choose the right colour palette. The good thing about a monochrome logo is it can be easier on the eyes and you can always apply a theme or colour scheme to it for campaigns.

Vector Based

If you had your logo made in Photoshop and paid $5 for it at Fiverr then you really should start over and remake your logo. A vector based logo means you’ll be able to scale it and have it render properly. If none of that made sense to you, just stay away from logos made in Photoshop.

Doesn’t Command Too Much Attention

Some website owners think their logo is too important and it has to have more details which imply quality. They want to make their logo bigger and want it showing in multiple instances on their website. If a logo is commanding too much attention then it’s probably at the expense of your CTA. The toughest job any UX designer has is helping your visitors go from one page to another or organize components for them to scan, they don’t need to constantly compete with a logo that screams for attention all the time.

Readable Fonts

Wacky fonts can be cool but you want your font easily readable so they don’t have to focus on the logo to read it. A font that is too detailed can ruin it for you and command too much attention to itself. Also another design issue that relates to logos and the entire website is the use of too many fonts. Some logos have one font, sometimes 2 and your website can be a different font but when you start hitting 4 different fonts or more than you have a problem.

Some of our favourite operator logos

  • Casumo
  • SlotsMillion
  • Codeta

Some of our favourite affiliate logos